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Producers of semi-precious stones – exporters of rough stones

VR stones is a rough stones, minerals and gems exporter company of Brazil.We work with many types of stones , minerals and gemstones mined over here in Brazil. The rough stones are washed, and classified accurately by grade, then sealed in bags of 50 kilos. We are rigorous with the control of quality of our rough stones. This enables our customer to receive only materials with excellent quality and low prices. We are looking for credible, reliable wholesalers and manufacturers of rough stones to make good and long-lasting business relations. If you need other types of stones that are not listed on our site we can quickly  locate the raw material in Brazil according to the type you specify. If you want to find good prices for quality materials, contact us.

We promise to supply you with high quality Semi-Precious Stones!All the above picture is just for your reference, We can provide service according to client's requirements!We promise you with the finest price,high quality and best service.If you have any problems about details please contact us.

Company information:
Comercial V R Stones LTDA is an exporter of Brazil Other Quartz Products products. Our products have been sold well in North America South America Eastern Europe Southeast Asia Africa Oceania Mid East Eastern Asia Western Europe! We are here to promise our prestige and best quality! If we don't have idea of what you're looking for, please call or e-mail with your ideas and we may be able to make you something completely unique!You can find details on our website:


All the gems was faceted from natural  rough stones mined over here in Brazil. This fine quality gem was very well cut, and it is totally clean. (loupe clean). High quality of cut and all of the gemstones that have been cut in Vr stones are exceptionally well cut and extremely bright and flawless. These are precisely calibrated and sparkle.We can cut the stones on any shapes/cuts and sizes that our customers request. (Pear, Marquise, Oval, Trilliant, Cushion, Rectangle, Round....)

Types of rough stones on stock:

Amethyst , Aquamarine Gravel , Aragonite , Beryl Ore , Black Onyx , rough Watermelon tourmaline, Black Tourmaline , Blue Apatite , Blue Quartz , Bronzite , Calcite Orange , Calcite White , Calcite Yellow , Carnelian , Rough clean aquamarine , Quartz , Chrysoprase , Citrine , Columbite , Crystal Clear Eye clean rock crystal  in the sizes between ( 05-100, 100-200, 200-300, 300-500, 500-above)grams, salt cow leather, Natural Crystal Points , Crystal Transparent , Crystal White , Dolomite , Emerald to tumble , Garnet , Natural Sculpture stone, Green Aventurine , Green Gold Quartz , Green Jatoba Quartz , Hematite , Kyanite , Lepidolite , hematoide crystal, Milk quartz , Morganite , Orthoclase , Pyrite , Quartz with Tourmaline inclusions , Quartzite , Rodolite , Rose Quartz , Rutilated Quartz , Serpentinite , Sodalite , Topaz , Tourmaline Gravel , Wood Quartz , White topaz , lodolite quartz , cow leather, Rough clean tourmaline, lodolite crystal , green hair quartz , Cassiterite ore, Manganse ore, goldem hair quartz , salted cow leather, portuguese stones for pavement , rhodolite , stones mosaics table , rose de france amethyst , Rough clean Rubelite, blue topaz , natural river pebble , fushite ,  granite of sodalite , tourmaline crystal,crystal points , minerals ore , manganese ore , green rutilated crystal, corundum , titanium ore , zirconite , magnetite , iron ore , chromite , skin cow leather, tantalite , albite , spinnel, graphite , galena , barite , chalcopyrite , epidote , hematite , ilmenite , lepidolite , mica , petalite , rhodonite , rhodolite , rutile , schorl , spodumene , talc , turquoise , uvite , vivianite , And others .

  since October of 2004

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